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In the south of the island, discover the site of skinaria in the middle of goats and olive trees. Accessible to both beginners and certified divers. Turquoise blue water, fabulous visibility and topography make this site one of the must-sees in Crete.

The wild and crystal clear Libyan Sea (beach diving)

Departing from our diving school to equip ourselves (meeting at 9am), we drive about 50 minutes towards the south of the island towards Plakias. Plakias is right next to the palm grove of Preveli, which is a superb location. If you are transported, it is a great opportunity to go there after the finished activity.


Due to the pandemic we strongly encourage our divers and transported guests to follow us with their means of transport. Otherwise we have vans available to get us there and transport our non-vehicle guests as well as all the necessary equipment. ​


We offer both baptisms and dives for our initiates (possibility of deep dives (38 meters maximum), and the shrimp cave is really lovely with its skylight and colorful sponges) ​


Fauna and flora: groupers, moray eels, we are starting to be invaded by scorpion fish such as lion fish (flying scorpion fish), scorpion fish, puffer fish (very friendly and playful!), squid and octopus, colorful wrasse, Mediterranean parrot fish, juvenile barracudas, lobster and slipper lobster… Some very beautiful gilthead seabream parades in the cove! When you are lucky you can observe juvenile rays near the shore, and adults along the drop-off. Nudibranchs, large sponges and colorful crusts.... And we have lots of peacock wrasse to add color and activity! (the wrasse are always naughty and playful, and have very pretty colors) ​



DIVERS: We generally offer two successive dives (with a break of about fifty minutes between the two depending on the depths performed) BAPTISM: Possibility of doing one or two dives (if you want to do two dives, let us know so that we bring with us the sufficient number of blocks (air bottles).


As we generally finish the diving activity around 1:30 p.m., and everyone is starting to get hungry, we suggest a stop at the local tavern to have a bite to eat and refresh ourselves. It's always very friendly and in Crete for little money we eat very very well. Return to Rethymnon around 4:30 p.m. when we take our lunch break before hitting the road again.

Nous appeler

+30 698 156 8163


Panormo Geropotamou, Rethymnon CRETE

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