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Discover Scuba Diving

Experience the amazing feeling of breathing under the water

Meeting point 9 o'clock in the dive center.

We do a briefing, to explain you the equipment, the pressure, the under water world....  You will maybe have many questions to ask !  We take the time to make you  feel confident. And then we go :)

The diving site will depend on the weather : Spilies or Panormo in the north, or Skinaria in the south. 

We go first in the shallow water to adjust the equipment, to remember together the hands signals, to take a first breath, and when everybody feels confident and relax, we go for a nice dive together. The timing will depend of your consumption  of air, but usually a first dive is around 40 minutes.

You will see many fishes and a lot of colors. The visibility in the  Mediterranean sea is wonderful (30 meters), and the topography is very interesting. 

We always go with small team , so we really focus on the safety and the pleasure of everyone. You will always have an instructor near you, to help with your buoyance and your equipment, and to make you feel safe and confortable. In diving : safety first ! But, "a lot of fun and amazing memories" come just after :)

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