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 : 0030 698 156 8163                                                                             : Panormo, Rethymno, Crete                                             :


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Panormo Geropotamou, Rethymno Crete                     0030 698 156 8163         

                                                                                   (On parle Français, we speak english)

PRRA-50113 (Dive Center).jpg

Royal Blue

diving center

"Discover Crete in a different way"

Diving is an amazing feeling : it's like flying slowly in the middle of the fish, you feel good and relax... And the mediterranean sea is beautiful !! Amazing topography, unique visibility and rich mediterranean sea life.


You will enjoy diving with our friendly and passionate team. First time diver or certified : welcome to the Royal Team :)


ACCOMMODATIONS : you can contact us at anytime. We will be more than happy to help you:  (Studios to Villas around Rethymno Crete)



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   Panormo Geropotamou




   0030 698 156 8163







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Welcome, Wilkommen, bienvenu, to your Royal Blue team :)


Please note, for reasons of comfort and safety following the pandemic, we take the liberty of asking our guests, if they are transported, to follow our van (with our guests who are not vehicles inside) due to the pandemic and the well-being of all.

Juliette & Stelios

Diving Activities

We are a PADI diving school. We offer diving trips for everyone, divers and beginners from 8 years old. We are passionate team of divers and we like to share our passion with people.  You will be welcome in our team !

Discover Scuba Diving 

"Breathe underwatwer for the first time with us !!''

Forget the ordinary life : come diving with us during your Cretan holidays, and enjoy a unique moment with our team under the water! For those who dive for the first time, this program gives the possibility to learn and develop new skills, and creates lasting memories ... You will never forget the feeling of a first breath underwater. It is an indescribable happyness, and feeling of freedom.



"A great time to spend  with family !!!"

Stay in shallow water and breath through your snorkel, and enjoy the shiny clear water and the mediterranean sea life with a diving mask. The Mediterranean sea is appreciated for its incredible visibility and fabulous topography : caves, tunnels, canyons... We will share our good tips with you ;)

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Bubble Maker

''A very rewarding, unforgettable, unique, safe aquatic activity''

To the  8-10 years old who wants to start diving (and to blow there first bubble!!). We offer a real dive, 2 meters deep, with complet diving equipment. Diving gently empowers childrens, develops their sensitivity and knowledge of nature, and increases their confidence in themselves and others. An amazing adventure for our kids.

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Fun Dives

"Experiences to share with other divers !"

For the certified diver who wants to discover Creta in a different way and to meet passionate divers. For long or short stays, you are welcome to join the team and come diving with us. The Mediterranean visibility is incredible (sometimes more than 35 meters), and we have many beautiful sites to show you. You will for sure enjoy a debriefing around a glass or a meal in a local taverna !(greek hospitality obligations ;) )


PADI Certifications

"Go further"

Royal Blue Diving Center offers to start or continue your PADI education. We propose all the standards certifications, from Open Water to Divemaster.
PADI certifications are the most recognized in the world !!



"Sweet temperature: 19/21°(april, may, begining of june) 22 to 27° summer season !

Amazing visibility (more than 35 meters in our good days)

Idyllics places ... Full of diving possibilities: deep, caves, snorkeling in shalow water, discover scuba diving ..."

We dive from the north to the south

" Every time I slip into the

ocean, it's like going home. "

Sylvia Earle


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