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Coronavirus Covid-19: situation in Greece (from June 15, 2020)

Hello everyone, this is it !! Greek authorities have taken several measures to limit the spread of the virus.

If confinement is now complete, temporary and / or localized measures can be taken in the event of a resumption of the epidemic.

Arrival in Greece is subject to conditions:

Until June 30: screening is mandatory for any arrival from an airport located in an area at high risk of spreading covid-19, according to the European Aviation Safety Agency:

Random tests are planned for flights from all airports not on this list. A positive test will always result in quarantine. Heavy fines are applied for non-compliance with self-containment.

From July 1: only random tests will be carried out on new arrivals. There may be exceptions that the Greek authorities will announce. Travelers' arrivals by land are possible from June 15 on condition of arriving from an EU country; by sea from July 1st. The external borders of the European area are closed until 30 June inclusive, by European decision, to foreigners who do not reside in one of the countries of the European Union or of the Schengen area. In Greece, wearing a mask is compulsory in public transport and in personal services. It is very strongly recommended in closed spaces and since one cannot respect physical distance. Respect for barrier gestures is still topical.

What's going on in Crete? Since May 24 our center is officially open, the restaurants too, and life resumes its course little by little. Hotels sometimes need a little more time, to welcome everyone safely, and put in place the rules established by the government and Europe. But they open little by little, most of them are already ready to receive you. The security measures are the same as in all of Europe. The Royal Blue Team has not stopped working to finally receive you safely, applying all the mandatory measures, while keeping our human warmth and the joys of diving. So welcome everyone! We are waiting more than you to finally enjoy the joys of scuba diving, all together. PADI ( is as always very attentive to its community of divers from around the world. You can find out more via THE DIVING STATUS MAP during covid-19:

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