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Coronavirus : will there be a 2020 season in Crete?

Dernière mise à jour : 26 avr. 2021

We should have opened our doors to you a month ago already (at the beginning of April the tourist season begins in Greece). But like everywhere in the world, the situation is frozen for the moment. And we follow the measures taken by our governments, and by our PADI federation. We are currently closed to the public, and we expect and hope for positive developments for everyone. (UPDATE : we are open since the 24 mai !!) There were (according to statistics and cases listed) 2,663 cases of Covid 19 in Greece, and only 4 in Crete. What makes our beautiful island a rather reassuring destination. When the airports and traffic reopen, there will surely be measures taken to avoid a further spread of the virus, but nothing has yet been officially announced. We remain positive, we hope first of all good health for everyone, and that all people like us who end up with a frozen business will get out of it. Then we hope that everything will quickly return to normal. This is why we strongly advise to follow measures such as "stay at home", "limit travel", wash your hands "finally ... you know!

Regarding diving, I put the link of our DAN insurer who published an article about diving and covid 19: -1523133153_commaTags = & p_r_p_-1523133153_templateId = 5993844

We take the necessary security measures ourselves to be able to welcome you very soon, with joy and security. Sea, dive and fun :) see you very soon,

Your Royal Blue Diving Team

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